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Amelia Crotzer 7th-grade teacher, Carter Middle School

An amazing resource for the classroom! The students enjoy seeing questions that relate to their interests, and I have an effective, streamlined method of tracking progress.

Rob Reetz District Administrator
Mounds View Public Schools

I love this product… The ability for students to go back and fix their mistakes and have access to a tutorial is ideal.

Dawn Cook 6th-grade teacher, Northeast Middle School

I can not begin to explain how impressed I am. The site is easy to navigate. The students’ interests are piqued! The skills are specific. The results are easy to evaluate and help me to prepare for my lessons.

Eric Nentrup 12th-grade teacher
Indianapolis Metropolitan High School

A POWERFUL, simple, brilliant way to quiz students on specific grammar skills. My students were incredibly receptive. NoRedInk gave them hints, and I saw significant growth!

Denise Weinke 4th-grade teacher
Pilot Rock Elementary School

I love it! No grading! It gives them immediate feedback and it’s easy to access through Edmodo. One of the best apps for ELA teachers out there.

Mike Guerena Director of Instructional Technology
Encinitas Union School District

Finding your site was a bit of serendipity. NoRedInk provides an area of practice that is underserved in digital curriculum. Our teachers are excited to have a program to challenge their students’ skills in grammar.

Sarah Savage 8th-grade teacher, Adda Clevenger Jr. Prep

NoRedInk gives me specific data about what I need to focus on in class. I get to spend less time correcting grammar and more time focusing on content!

Linda Fairchild 9th-grade teacher, Delcambre High School

Delcambre High English teachers are using NoRedInk in their ACT prep classes. The students are loving it! We've noticed an increase in their quiz scores.

Tracy Chambas 10th-grade teacher, Reedsburg Area HS

I LOVE this site! Easy and fun. A great change from traditional “drill the skill” grammar. I love that it is actually a challenge for students to change the assignments to blue!

Suzanne Rogers Assistant Principal, LISA Academy

My AP Lang students test drove this platform last year. Love it! As a teacher, I enjoyed being able to see exactly what my students were working on. The students especially liked personalizing the experience through their choices.

Students have solved over 3 billion questions on

  • Apostrophes
  • Fragments
  • Comma Splices
  • Capitalization
  • Fused Sentences
  • Pronoun Agreement
  • Pronoun Case
  • Commas
  • Colons
  • Semicolons
  • Hyphens
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Coordinating Conjunctions
  • Subordinating Conjunctions
  • Conjunctive Adverbs
  • MLA Citation
  • Parallelism
  • Verb Tense
  • Accept vs. Except
  • Affect vs. Effect
  • All ready vs. Already
  • All together vs. Altogether
  • Any one vs. Anyone
  • Every one vs. Everyone
  • Fewer vs. Less
  • Good vs. Well
  • It’s vs. Its
  • Lose vs. Loose
  • Passed vs. Past
  • Than vs. Then
  • Principal vs. Principle
  • Who’s vs. Whose
  • There, Their, and They’re
  • To, Too, and Two
  • And Lots More …

Made by teachers

I'm Jeff Scheur, and I created NoRedInk while teaching high school English in Chicago. Like so many educators, I graded well over 15,000 papers, wondering how I could develop more efficient systems to help my students quickly address their misconceptions. It's no secret that learners need immediate feedback, curriculum that stems from their interests, and lots of practice in order to show rapid growth, and yet teachers can only do so much with large classes and limited time.

I created NoRedInk to help my students improve their skills with engaging material — and to allow me to track their progress over time. It also freed me up to focus on big-picture concepts in student writing that sorely needed my attention. Now supported by a team of expert teachers, engineers, and language experts, NoRedInk's mission is to help all students harness the power of language. I hope the site is useful to you, your colleagues, and your students.

What we believe about learning

High-interest content

Students often find grammar boring because the content doesn’t relate to them. That’s why we generate questions from each student’s favorite celebrities, hobbies, TV shows, and friends. Imagine taking a quiz where your best friend’s name keeps popping up! It’s no surprise that students are engaged quickly.

Authentic assessments

We believe that “playing with language” is an essential part of learning to write. That’s why we have students drag in commas, click words to capitalize them, throw out unwanted punctuation, and edit parts of sentences directly whenever possible. We also design exercises that have multiple correct answers, as there’s more than one way to write a sentence.

Blended learning

We are adamant that teachers need the resources to help each student at the appropriate level – and that learners should be able to work at their own pace. Our site allows students to practice independently so that teachers can differentiate instruction based on results.

Adaptive technology

One benefit of technology is the ability to adjust questions based on what students get right or wrong, drilling down to their underlying misconceptions. When learners get stuck, we show them tutorials that help them correct their mistakes and keep going.

Unlimited practice

All educators know that it takes a long time for students to fully grasp new skills. Our site allows learners unlimited practice so that we can free up teachers’ time to focus on big-picture issues in students’ writing.